Fight Preventable Pre-existing Conditions To Lower Healthcare Costs


I'm moving to the MediShare exemption instead of the ACA plans.  The current ACA plans triple my monthly costs and there are still loopholes that can hurt me with a large bill.  I'm paying less than half of cost and my deductible is a flat 1,250, no strings attached.

MediShare's most expensive plan for a healthy 64 year old male is 358 a month but includes a 1,250 deductible.  The closest ACA plan is 701 a month and has a 1,000 deductible and 20 strings attached.

People with preventable unhealthy lifestyles in MediShare have to pay into programs to help them change their unhealthy living.  As a result, the people who are in the system are all paying less and living healthier lives.  An obese person my age would pay an extra 108 a year that goes toward their own health improvement, including dietary consultation.  They're still paying less than an ACA plan and getting extra services as well.  The ACA plans do not include a part for people who need the help to improve their health.