We're on the move. Our health care coverage should move with us.


Our generation is highly mobile. Whether we're moving in search of education or job opportunities, next year many of us will be living in a new place. However, our health care coverage probably won't be following us. That should change.

Eligibility for most of the ACA health coverage options are based on residency. That means that Millennials who move out-of-state, or sometimes simply out of county, lose access to health care coverage until they can re-enroll in a new program. As a result, every Millennials' move becomes an occassion to fall through the cracks of our health coverage system.

State and federal governments should create health coverage options that will follow us in times of transition, no matter what state is on our driver's license or where we pick up mail. To start, this could take the form of improved links between state-based Medicaid programs or requirements that insurance exchanges offer Millennials affordable plans with robust national networks.