They Want You to Think It's Complicated. It's Really Not. Abolish Private Insurance.


Universal access to health care seems like a foregone conclusion for any modern democracy. For a society that purports to exist in the interest of, and to be administered by the people, it makes sense that the resources needed to achieve NS maintain health should be guaranteed.

For this reason, the ACA appears as a wholly reasonable next step for the world's most powerful constitutional republic. It falls short, however, in its endeavor to provide universal access to health care, and in many cases even fails in ensuring affordable care. This is because there are too many hands in the pot.

Insurance is a system where individuals pay into a common fund now knowing they might need it later. There is no need for interference from profit-oriented insurance corporations.

Let the government manage a single payer fund that enables affordable and universal health care. Simplify the system and save money on administrative costs. Universalize health care and bring down costs for everyone.