5 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job


I’m an avid proponent of online liberty and openness, but I’m aware that a majority of people do not share my views. As millennials, we have to remember there is still a  generation of employers who will fire you for what they consider inappropriate online behavior. So, here are some helpful tips to make sure you don't get fired because of what you post on Facebook:  

1) If you are a marine, avoid posting images of President Barack Obama's face on a donkey.

2) If you are a lay judge, keep your mouth closed about court cases. As the Breivik trial is playing out in Norway, the first days were filled with nerve-tickling drama in the courtroom that resulted in one of the judges being dismissed from the trial. Just a day after the attack, lay judge Thomas Indrebö posted on Facebook that the death penalty was the only penalty Breivik deserved. Almost a year later, the comment came back to haunt him. Even though he didn’t technically lose his job, he did lose his position in the courtroom during the trial. Indrebö did not seem  affected by the whole ordeal, however,and he proclaimed that he still stands behind his initial outburst.  

3) If you happen to be a teacher—stay off Facebook. If you are a teacher or want to ever be a teacher, don’t post anything personal, whatsoever, online. The cases of teachers being fired for things posted online are endless. In the online sphere, anything that might “disrupt school activities,” can have you terminated. Avoid using youngster lingo, posting pictures with alcohol, or communicating with students online in an “improper way.” U.S. teacher Ashley Payne, 24, was unlucky enough to learn this the hard way after being forced to resign when she posted a picture of herself holding a glass of wine and a beer jug. A still unknown parent and the school decided this was “improper and offensive” behavior. .

4) If you're a nun, quit yourFacebook habit. Maria Jesus Galan, “Sister Internet,” had been a nun for 35 years when she was forced to leave the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain. The reason? Apparently, her use of Facebook was disturbing the other nuns, ruining their introspective work place .

5) Never ever, complain about your job. It’s not only the Marines who get in trouble for mocking their boss online. From waitresses who complain about lousy tips to administrative staff who’s status updates tell of their boredom, countless people have been fired for voicing something negative about their jobs on Facebook. The most unexpected firing is that of British bank worker Stephanie Bon. "LBG's new CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That's fair,” she wrote, but quickly found herself sacked. Apparently employers don’t like criticism in any form. Lesson learned is surely, if you’re going to complain about your job online,don’t. 

More cases of people who were let go after posting on Facebook can be found here and here.