Invisalign Preys on Your Insecurity to Sell You a Product That Doesn't Work


If you are thinking about getting braces, choose the type that will suit your needs carefully. If you have an extreme malpositioning, over bite, cross bite, or other conditions that don't allow you to talk to the girl you like or smile in pictures, then I would recommend you use something functional. And that means, no Invisalign for you. 

Invisalign is a orthodontics treatment which aligns your teeth using a clear, almost unnoticeable mold. Invisalign is a piece of transparent plastic in the shape of your teeth that is placed in your mouth, but, in contrast with the previous treatments, this one can be removed by the patient as many times as he/she wants. That is one advantage to this treatment: You can actually brush your teeth properly from time to time. Invisalign is marketed as a treatment in which you don't need to worry about ugly, annoying, and painful metal wires and rubber bands. You also don't have to bother about the functionality of the device, because it really has none. You just have to worry about the skyrocketing price of the treatment.

So after a year or two of wearing the device, you would expect your teeth to be perfect, but ... they're not! Why, after paying almost $8,000, don't your teeth look straighter than a pole? There is a very easy explanation.

The force that can be applied with conventional metal braces is much higher than with plastic. This means that in shorter periods of time, the metal braces will do the same or even more than Invisalign.

In addition, because the plastic is removable, the force is not constantly applied. For a responsible person, this is no problem, but for a person like me, this is more of a curse than an advantage. I don't know what kind of good investment I would be making by buying something I would constantly forget about.

Invisalign, for me, is just a pretty project targeted at people that can afford it, and those that stress out too much about their looks. I would only recommend this treatment for minor malocclusion that can be easily fixed, otherwise you might as well just throw your money down the drain.