Remember This Politician? She's Been Taking Her Child to Work For 2 Years Now


Who's to say you can't  be a powerful career woman and a good mother at the same time?

Meet Licia Ronzulli, a 38-year-old member of the European Parliament who has been occasionally bringing her daughter Vittoria along to meetings. In November, Vittoria accompanied the elder Ronzulli to a vote in Strasbourg. According to her mother, "I have been bringing her along because I want to show the difficulties faced by a woman who works and also a mother."

Ronzulli had previously brought her daughter along to meetings as far back as 2010.

See photos below:

Less charmingly, Ronzulli and her husband are good friends of disgraced ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a notable enthusiast of the female form. According to Maclean's, some have alleged Ronzulli was involved in organizing his infamous bunga bunga parties, and noted:

"One of Berlusconi’s first acts upon returning to power in 2008 was to overturn a ban on the dimissioni in bianco (a discriminatory practice in which female workers who become pregnant are fired to avoid paying for maternity leave) that had been passed by the previous centre-left government. So the fact that one of his papi girls, as the women he favours are called, is now the poster woman for the movement against such discrimination is rather rich in irony."

But the feminist bloggers contacted by Maclean's don't seem to care: According to Australian blogger Andie Fox, "I'm reluctant to judge her without knowing the details ... I think all of us are compromised to varying degrees at times to get ahead in our jobs and we all make decisions or choices that we don’t feel great about."