Set the Deadline: Make it Matter


If millennials need anything to amp up interest in politics, it’s a deadline.

In the 2012 election, statuses/tweets about the vote snowballed up to election day. In contrast, the apathy some millennials have for healthcare can’t be blamed on naiveté, but lack of motivation. Many see the ACA as what they’ll just look up later. It’s not laziness - it's prioritizing. They’re focused on jobs, education, & other tasks – often with heavier schedules than other adults.

Most agree: Internet & social media are key to informing millennials. Yet how word is spread is pivotal. Emphasizing a "deadline" when knowledge of the ACA will be vital could prompt young adults to research. Mentioning key times like age 26 (when one must buy their own insurance) or March 31st (end of open enrollment) can give the issue more importance & a higher priority.

The White House already uses social media (like PolicyMic). Its websites are easy to navigate. Millennials can get the info; they need only motive.