I'm 20: Healthcare is sexy and I want it now.


Talking about healthcare can feel less than sexy at times. But it doesn't have to be that way and it all starts with the re-branding of the ACA.

Re-Branding the ACA:

(A) Appeal:Why did you click on this post? Maybe the clever title? Let's appeal to young people through simple, exciting, and relevant messaging. Make them so attracted to the concept that they share, re-tweet, and re-blog. Passionate young adults exist; let them be the faces of healthcare and other young adults will follow them.

(C) Connect: Young people like to be connected. We connect with family, friends, and people we trust. Let's empower covered young adults to connect with others who are not covered. Let them be the voice of healthcare. Let’s make it easy and acceptable to say, "I'm covered and you should be too."

(A) Access:We want quick and easy access and we want it now. Give us information through text messages, smartphone app, and Facebook apps. We want it, we need it, so let's make it happen.