Healthcare Reform is Punk Rock, Pass it On


My generation is the most politically active one in U.S. history. We marched, we rallied, we knocked on doors, and we elected the nation's first African-American president. That was us. We made history, we started a revolution. Let's see it through. Let's solidify our place in history by continuing our grassroots revolution. Every president in recent memory has tried and failed to pass comprehensive health reform but the one that we elected actually got it done.

Talking heads, politicians (even Democratic ones) have done a terrible job at showing us how revolutionary this law really is. It's our job to change that.

The admin must start local Millenial initiatives. Pay young people to educate and appeal to fellow Milennials to promote this law with the same fire used to elect the President in the first place.

We are a compassionate generation chock-full of inspiring leaders. Give us the tools and we'll deliver you the most successful government program this nation has ever seen.