Celebrity Media Campaigns to Raise ACA Registration Rates


In general, Millennials are less interested in ideas of politics and policy, and more intrigued by what our beloved celebrities say and do.

Our interest in celebrities makes a national celebrity campaign the best way to attract young adults to learn more about the ACA and get covered. The steps to raising awareness include:

1. Endorsements from popular celebrities through TV commercials, printed ads, and social media sites.

2. Individuals registering for insurance.

3. Participants being entered into a drawing to meet their favorite celebrity involved in the campaign.

After seeing these celebrities in the various advertisements and having the chance to meet their idol, young people will be more inclined to register. Arguments can be made about the cost of the campaign, but due to the high levels of interest from certain celebrities, many might be willing to work pro bono. So, if our favorite stars are willing to take a stand and get covered, why shouldn’t we?