This is What China's Smog Problem Looks Like From Space


That right there is the smog hanging above eastern China as seen from space. The picture, captured by NASA and NOAA, shows just how dangerous pollution has become in China.

The smog was captured from street level last week in Shanghai, which shows the sun barely visible through the pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the smog in China hit 500 on the Air Quality Index, which is the highest “Hazardous” level, and includes the warning that “everyone may experience more serious health effects.” 

Source: AP

Not that the Chinese government seems too concerned with the country’s pollution plague. An editor for Chinese state media offered five benefits of the smothering smog, including, “It unifies the Chinese people,” “It raises citizens awareness of the cost of China’s economic development,” and “It makes people funnier.” On top of all that, it might help China’s military defense. So what are people complaining about?

Seriously though, this is crazy stuff. The smog over eastern China is now some sort of sinister cloud cover visible from space. It’s impacting all aspects of daily life. People have to wear masks just walking outside. Flights are being delayed due to poor visibility. Parents don’t want to let their kids go to school. And the smog cloud just hangs there, suffocating the most populous nation on earth.