Education: Teaching Through Academic Institutions, Town Halls, and Other Public Facilities


To increase enrollment among Millennials, they need to be educated about the benefits of health insurance and the enrollment process. For those still in school, student groups and the school administration can hold discussions and dedicate days to focus on health reform. Schools can directly help students enroll by guiding them through the process and answering any questions. Schools are incentivized to help students enroll because this would decrease their financial burdens and out-of-pocket health costs, especially for the uninsured.

To increase enrollment among the poor, similar education initiatives could be held at public libraries, town halls, local YMCAs, and other community centers. By staffing people at these locations, in addition to call centers, people can directly have their questions answered. This would allow people without access to computers to learn more and determine what the benefits and costs of health insurance are for them.

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