Digital Advertising Campaign: Engaging Corporations and Public Figures


Since most Millennials are tech-savvy and aware of popular trends, a digital advertising campaign with celebrities and popular companies would be effective. By partnering with corporate sponsors, such as Nike, Coca Cola, etc., and featuring Youtube videos from athletes, performers, etc. the government can make enrolling in health insurance popular. These popular figures could also host online discussions (i.e via Reddit) to lend their support.

With limited time to read about health care changes, Millennials need to be encouraged to learn. Short videos or ads with popular figures that explain the core components and dispel the biggest myths would motivate them to learn more. Such videos and ads can become viral and reach a large part of the population. If Millennials realize the importance of health insurance and the fact that everyone, including celebrities and world leaders, needs it then they will be more inclined to enroll themselves.

Full Proposal: