The Kony 2012 Effect: Engaging Young People via Media 2.0


Last March, the 501(c)(3) Invisible Children Inc. released a short film aiming to raise awareness and initiate discussion about the reprehensible actions of warlord Joseph Kony. Due to its rapid proliferation on social media sites, the video quickly went viral and successfully spread its message to millions of young Americans.

By producing a quality online video replete with personal stories and powerful statistics, we can inform and inspire Millennials about the ACA with the success seen in the Kony campaign.

Simply put, the Kony video’s efficacy stemmed from its utilization of 21st-century technology. Eschewing traditional routes of media delivery in favor of sites such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook dramatically increased the video’s potential audience and allowed for the rapid dissemination of its ideas. Creating interesting content about the ACA that can be shared just as easily as it can be understood is essential to effectively engaging the Millennial audience.