The ACA rap to reduce the gap (between our generation and important information)


What better way to spread the ACA knowledge than a rap on YouTube that informs kids at college? Everyone dreads the infamous YouTube commercial, but a parody song can be mistaken for the entertainment we are seeking. We suggest creating a new hit that you won’t want to skip in 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..

Clearly social media is the most effective way to inform our generation about the Affordable Care Act. We know social media. Why not employ social media to help us understand something we don’t know?

We propose Affordable Care Act YouTube commercials, simultaneously delivering entertainment and knowledge. Utilizing an unforgettable song, we briefly explain what the ACA is and why we need it. The song clicks, and so does the counter for informed millennials. Why YouTube? A lyrical skit offers light-hearted and succinct info to become ingrained in memory. Professors use it. Students use it. My grandma uses it. Everyone uses it. In addition, everyone loves a catchy tune. Why not the White House?