A Thousand Years of Good Health: Millennials, Get Healthy Using Social Media


Social media is a fertile ground for connecting with Millennials.  65 percent of Millennials report they stay current with brands through their social networks.  Social media is an untapped resource for reaching Millennials and encouraging them to enrol in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, can be formidable marketing platform to launch ACA to Millennials. Facebook’s reach and social graph, in terms of how it promotes and records user interactions and responses to ads, makes Facebook a rich soil in which to establish roots with Millennials.

Affordable Care Act officials could set up a Facebook fan page and blog to establish a regular, responsive, and interactive relationship with users. User responses to official information and advertisements about the ACA could help ACA officials more accurately pinpoint and address audience needs, while promoting the ACA.  Facebook could be a powerful and strategic launching pad for the ACA.