4 Things That Can Derail An Obama 2012 Win


President Barack Obama and his reelection team are preparing themselves to defeat former Governor Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election. Unfortunately for Obama, there are four things that can derail him.

1) The Economy.

At the forefront of Obama’s troubles is the economy. With U.S. economic growth slowing down, many voters will have no choice but to vote for change. The U.S. output of goods and service produced in the first quarter of 2012 dropped to 2.2% from 3% in the fourth quarter of 2011. Personal disposable income also dropped by $3.2 billion from the fourth quarter. These numbers are not necessarily predictors of a significant economic downturn. They do provide a realistic understanding that the current unemployment rate will not improve significantly before the presidential elections. This, by itself, will hurt Obama.

2) Hollywood.

Obama was once the darling of Hollywood. He has since fallen out of favor with the movie industry and its stars. In fact, many previous Obama supporters are now rallying against him. Jon Lovitz has recently spoken out against Obama and his class warfare strategies that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. Even more notable stars like Matt Damon and John Cusack are distressed with Obama’s presidential performance. If Hollywood, as a whole, begins to speak out against Obama’s failures his spin team will never recover or go on the offensive.

3) Foreign Policy.

During a meeting in March, Obama was heard to take a subservient tone concerning America’s defenses. The off-mic comments between Obama and outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev are a good indication that Obama intends to placate Russian concerns once he is reelected. The problem for Obama is that he tries to woo foreign enemies while Vice President Joe Biden tries to win support of military families. Americans, especially the military, will become aware that Obama has no real desire to making our borders more secure other than continuing to sacrifice American lives. The Obama hypocrisy will become self-evident closer to the campaign.

4) The Obama Campaign.

The Obama campaign is now proclaiming that Obama was responsible for Osama Bin Laden’s death. The ad does mention that Navy SEALs were responsible for the raid but that Obama had to approve it. The President should be congratulated for doing his job. In the ad, former President Bill Clinton mentioned that “you hire a president to make calls when no one else can do it.” Most voters would say that Presidents are elected and not hired. The Obama campaign will continue to distance itself from average Americans through its opportunistic and elitist rhetoric.