Paul Rudd Has Been Playing the Same Hilarious Joke On Conan O'Brien For Years

Paul Rudd has been on Conan O'Brien's late night talk shows nine times over the past few years. Like most celebrities, he appears on these shows to talk about and promote his new projects. But unlike most celebrities, he doesn't seem to care whether or not you know anything about his newest movie.

For several years, Rudd has been swapping out clips of his actual movies for one from a 1988 children's sci-fi adventure film called Mac and MeCheck out the supercut below. 

This is just wonderful. Do you need reasons why this is wonderful? I can give you five:

1. It's the same clip every time.

Of course, there have been other times when Rudd went on Conan's show and played a normal clip, and those are great interviews too, but this is the gift that keeps on giving.