This is the Luxury Resort Where the "Affluenza" Killer Will Be "Punished"


The news: 16-year-old Ethan Couch recently inspired nation-wide outrage over the astonishingly light sentence he received for killing four and severely injuring two others in a drunk driving case. The defense claimed he had "affluenza," a (fictional) psychiatric disorder in which the absurdly rich Couch's rules-free upbringing him had spoiled him to the extent that he was unable to comprehend the consequences of his actions on others.

Couch received just 10 years' probation and 2 years' mandatory rehabilitation for his heinous crime. And now photos have been revealed of the $450,000-a-year rehab center where he will spend part of his sentence, the Newport Academy:

This is what punishment looks like for Couch. What looks like a luxurious vacation home to the rest of us is what Couch will receive on his father's dime as punishment for killing four people.

Newport Academy offers its patients massages, cooking lessons, ultra-high-end workout equipment, and horseback rides as part of their treatment.

But thanks to lawsuits from Couch's victims, he might not have affluenza for much longer. The families of those he killed or maimed are asking for damages in the tens of millions of dollars.

And Couch has only been prosecuted for the death of his victims - not the two friends riding in his car who were severely injured. Prosecutors are contemplating the idea of pursuing additional charges to make sure he spends time behind bars.