12 Most Embarrassing Moments Politicians Wish You Hadn't Seen This Year


The year 2013 was a year of scandals and embarrassment in the political arena. In other words, just like every other year in the history of politics. 

1. This picture featuring the world's most famous crack-smoking Mayor, Rob Ford

2. This handshake seen round the world

3. This video describing relations between NYC mayoral candidate "Carlos Danger" and Sydney Leathers

4. This ill-advised selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral

5. This error message

6. This photo showing Florida Congressman Trey Radel at the center of an FBI cocaine bust

7. This photo showing Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf and Governor Mark Dayton having way too much fun at a stadium groundbreaking

8. This picture of defense secretary Chuck Hagel in a game of handshake Twister

9. This picture of Umbrella-gate

10. These Georgia state legislators who have clearly just graduated from college

11. This interview with Edward Snowden

12. This video of pantomimed drunk driving, because Rob Ford