Netflix Mitt Romney Documentary Shows Never-Before Seen Human Side


The official trailer for Mitt, a new documentary chronicling former Governor Mitt Romney's six-year campaign for the American presidency, is utterly tantalizing. It is a rare, up-close look at the erstwhile candidate in his natural habitat of campaign rallies, debate stages, and awkward photo ops.

In it, the Mitt displays an astounding amount of surprise upon realizing that he is going to lose the 2012 election, despite the vast majority of independent polls at the time indicating his impending defeat. He reveals having not put any forethought into writing a concession speech and, in a tense moment, realizes he does not even have the president's phone number.

Be moved as the film reveals the Mitt's human traits — laughing and expressing emotion with friends and family, wrestling with his wife in the snow, crying during periods of intense stress. In this trailer, there are no signs of the Mitt pouncing on his natural prey — the so-called 47% — many of whose jobs he and his flock of vulture capitalists picked clean with astonishing machine-like efficiency.  

Gaze in awe at the irony of the Mitt explaining how every major presidential nominee becomes a loser for life...and wonder if he regrets these words.

Study the Mitt's remarkable self-awareness in realizing that he will never be able to purge his flip-flopper image, as he draws the same conclusion shared by millions of Americans at the time — that he might very well be a "flawed candidate."

Speculate as to whether, when this is released on DVD, Little Face Mitt will appear in the cover art.