20 Things Millennials Should Do Before They're 30


Are there things in life which you know you want to do? Do you want to make sure that all your goals in life are accomplished in some form? Then make a list, a bucket list that is of all the things which you would like to do over the span of your lifetime. Whether you plan to have adventures, love, or simply read more make a list and just go for it! 

Here is a list of the 20 things to put on your bucket list and as you go through them, make sure to check them off. Inspired by 5-month-old Avery Canahuati, who was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder and was only given 13 months to live. Her parents decided to start Avery’s bucket list, to hold on to memories with their daughter in her short life. Avery passed away on May 1. Her story has caused many to think about their lives and to remember to cherish the time they have.

1. Get a job you actually like. For some people, this is already a reality. However, think about where you are in life and where you want to go. Don’t only look at the money, if your current job makes you come home depressed every day change it because the most important thing is to find peace with oneself.

2. Enter into the lottery. Enter in your state lottery, take a chance. The odds of actually winning might be pretty slim, but at least you tried and hopefully it will all be in good fun.

3. Meet the President. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, meeting the president of one's country is an honor. Make an effort to at least shake hands with the president, whenever or wherever that may be.

4. Travel the world. Visit exciting landmarks and places and immerse yourself in culture. Visit places like France or Spain and learn to love travel.

5. Buy a hybrid. If don’t already have one that is. Hybrids can be expensive, however think about the future and the ability to have a green vehicle. Reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time.

6. Be in a movie. It does not have to be a big movie. Maybe a small film with your friends to capture memories or even some type of documentary film. Take your pick, but give yourself some time on screen and be proud of it.

7. Get married. Some people reading this might already be married, however chances are that if you are a millennial you very well may not be. Find someone who makes you happy and be able to settle down.

8. Buy a house. Once you have settled down and your life has slowed down some, realize that it might be time to look to the future (see previous). Watch the markets, but buy a house in which you know you live in for at least 5 years.

9. Read all the books on the New York Times Bestseller list. This list may vary over time, however there are some that stay on the list for quite some time. There are a multitude of different books to be found and so many different genres that one will never get bored.

10. Give someone advice. This could be a friend or even a stranger you happen to come across one day. Whether it is meaningful, funny, or just thoughtful make sure to give someone ideas to reflect upon and surely they will do the same for you when needed.

11. Go to a concert. Have fun with your friends and just be yourself while enjoying your favorite music.

12. Create a website. For anything and for anyone, but make sure that you can put your own credit on it.

13. Prank someone. Assuming that it’s all in good fun, have fun with it and try not to go to crazy with it.

14. Learn something new. Learn how to cook, to surf, or anything else. A new skill always brings something interesting one may not have known before.

15. Bake something. Even if you cannot do this, kudos if you tried.

16. Throw a party. This might go without saying, but be make sure to have fun at your own party and socialize with those who come.

17. Hike a Mountain. Any mountain will do, as long as it requires an upward climb of some type and leaves you breathless.

18. Take a roadtrip. With friends or by yourself, take the time to reflect on life.

19. Get published. In print or online, in a book or in a journal.

20. Wake up with a smile