Femen's Christmas Day Protest Was Their Most Outrageous Yet


Imagine you're in church on Christmas, when all of a sudden, a topless woman with the words "I AM GOD" written across her chest comes prancing in and climbs atop the altar.

That was the experience of mass-goers in Cologne, Germany this week when a member of Paris-based anti-Christian, anti-Muslim exhibitionist feminist group FEMEN burst through the historic Cologne Cathedral's doors and disrupted the service, exposing herself and her political agenda to an unsuspecting, conservative audience.

Presumably, congregants weren't terribly amused. But that doesn't mean we can't be. After all, Christmas may be the holiest day of the year for some, but for others, it's a reminder of the Catholic Church's oppressive, political stances. FEMEN, in particular, objects to the Church's longstanding opposition to abortion rights.

And what better way to stage a protest than before a captive audience of the religion's most devout followers? Personally, I can think of none.