Obama Should Shut Up About Killing Bin Laden


Over the last few days, President Obama has heralded his administration's decision to kill Osama Bin Laden a year ago. 

It was a risky mission since the U.S. lacked the support of the sovereign government where Bin Laden was hiding. The president's reelection campaign has sullied this great accomplishment by publicizing a video where his opponent explicitly mocks Obama's exact course of action in killing Bin Laden. At a joyous time when we should all be smiling and celebrating someone being shot in the head, Barack Obama is ruining the happy mood by engaging in one of the most unprecedented and shocking acts in the history of America. He is framing his opponent as weak on foreign policy. 

Never before have our national leaders debated a foreign policy decision involving the military. We are breaking new ground here. Never has a politician questioned the military judgment of a president or candidate for president, attacked a president as a weak fool bent on allowing nuclear Holocaust, or explicitly attacked the opposition party as weak on terrorism. Obama has opened a pandora's box that George W. Bush and scores of Republicans before him bravely refused to even crack. The details of foreign policy are not for debate. 

Worse yet, Obama is cockily trumpeting his own judgment through advertisements aimed to persuade the public. This is unheard of in a reelection campaign in a democracy. Presidents should not be allowed to herald their own judgment as superior to their opponent's judgment. This is especially true in cases where a president's judgment helped lead to one of the proudest days in American history.

Furthermore, this issue is petty and unimportant to regular Americans. Beltway insiders need to go visit the "Real America" or even a community in "Real 'Merca" where people don't concern themselves with trivial issues like "the mass murder of 3,000 innocent American civilians." I had high hopes that Obama would elevate the discourse and focus on important issues like "When did Hillary Rosen visit the White House?" but he seems to have little time for these earth shaking problems. One day, Obama will elevate the discourse and spend three days wondering why rapper Common is visiting the White House, but that day has yet to come.

Finally, it's important to remember that Barack Obama ran in 2008 as a uniter of people. Americans were united by the killing of Bin Laden. Now Barack Obama seems intent on turning them against Mitt Romney using arguments about foreign policy strategy. Can Americans really afford to be divided into two opposing camps (or "parties") in favor of the policies of one politician or another? That would be an unprecedented situation, but I fear that this tragic division of the population will soon come to pass.

By early November, I predict that millions of Americans will be divided almost equally between Romney and Obama. These divisions will be so intense that many of these Americans will leave their houses on a day near the beginining of the week to express their discontent at some sort of public building, like a school house or a church. It will be chaos. After the furious crowds die down and many pieces of cardboard are littering our highway medians, we can all think back to this moment when Obama destroyed America by debating foreign policy.

It would be inappropriate to comment on this article or debate my wisdom. Let's not be divided on this issue. Not now, on the happy occasion when we mark the anniverary of a bad man's head being blown half off.