Obama Afghanistan Speech: Bin Laden Dead, But More U.S. Troops Through 2024


On Tuesday evening, President Obama made a commitment to continue the United States military presence in Afghanistan through 2024. He promised the Afghan government that America will maintain a standing force numbering in the tens of thousands through at least 2014.

Obama's announcement comes as America celebrates the success of our Navy SEALs one year ago, in killing Bin Laden and eliminating 20 of the top 30 terrorist operatives in his network.

The nearly half million American men and women who have served in the Armed Forces during the two Middle East conflicts of the past decade have paid a personal cost far in excess of even the trillion dollars our nation has already expended to accomplish our mission.

Now it is time to remember the words of a prior generation uniting in the cry of the Vietnam protesters, "Hell No, We Will Not Go."

President Obama made his committment to continue risking American lives and spending U.S. treasure at the same time millions of students are in waiting, held hostage to a potential doubling of their student loan interest rates.

He made this commitment while 20% of our nation is living in poverty, with 50 million receiving food stamps.

He made that committment at the same time our Highways, Bridges, Locks, and Dams are in need of 2 trillion in funding over the next decade.

He made that commitment when his own budget predicts nearly trillion per year deficits through half the next decade.

He made this committment when economic growth has slowed to under 2% in the last quarter.

The mission in Afghanistan has been accomplished, yet our mission in America is just beginning. 'Hell No, We Will Not Go' to Afghanistan should be a cry heard from sea to shining sea.

America has brought the terrorist who attacked our shores to justice. We have honored our obligations to those who lost their lives on 9/11. The United States endured a "Decade from Hell" fighting the war in Afghanistan. 

The President did hit one resounding note which should ring true across America, "It is time to Unite. It is time for a new beginning." Hell No, We Will Not Go.