Ron Paul is Still the Only Antiwar Candidate


President Obama, in a speech from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on Tuesday, reiterated his commitment to winding down United States involvement in Afghanistan. By year's end, 23,000 American troops will have departed and Afghan security forces will have full control by 2014, assures the president.

The problem is, however, that this withdrawal is not taking place fast enough in the eyes of Americans. Seventy-two percent of Americans oppose the war in Afghanistan that has taken more than 2,700 lives, and according to a Pentagon report, contributed to massive government corruption in Afghanistan’s government and merely driven insurgents into neighboring Pakistan.

Apparently Americans are weary of a war that has carried on far too long. A majority of Americans are not even buying the president’s argument that American troops must remain through 2014 to ensure Afghan troops are prepared and equipped to take control.

This is not because Americans want to leave Afghanistan in ruins. On the contrary, it is because Americans have been fed the same story, and given the same excuses for far too long, with the end result always being prolonged war in Afghanistan that costs taxpayers billions of dollars, not to mention the lives of thousands of soldiers.

Texas Representative Ron Paul has been the voice of this war-weary skepticism in front of his Congressional colleagues. 

Paul has voiced concerns of the war’s cost in blood and treasure, the war’s constitutionality, and its impact on the United State’s reputation abroad. Paul has consistently spoken out against the war with Afghanistan and his courage in this regard should not be understated, because he is the only candidate willing to put an end to America’s nation building, and all of the harms that this nation building entails.