13 Problems Only Libertarians Will Understand — in GIFs


1. When you feel like a liberal around conservatives and a conservative around liberals

2. When you ask a liberal why being "pro-choice" only applies to abortion and not other issues

3. When conservatives claim to love small government

4. When people say that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms

5. When you see an "Obama 2012" bumper sticker next to a peace sign

6. ...and then you pull up next to the guy with the "Ron Paul 2012" bumper sticker

7. What goes through your head when discussing gun control

8. When "the free market" gets blamed for economic meltdowns and depressions

9. When the news discusses Duck Dynasty and Miley Cyrus instead of the NSA and Edward Snowden

10. Whenever someone is baffled that you did not vote for either Obama or Romney

11. Whenever someone brings up Alex Jones, chemtrails or the Illuminati

12. When someone sarcastically says that Somalia is a libertarian paradise

13. To any doubts about a freer and more libertarian future