Are You Republican Or Democrat? Depends On the Booze You Drink


Your choice of drink says a lot about you. Are you a whiskey person? At the bar, do you go for a vodka tonic or beer? Well now, your preferred alcohol says something about your political views, too.

Source: The Washington Post 

Research from Jennifer Dube at National Media Research Planning and Placement, recently reported by the Washington Post, has separated the political parties by what liquor and wine they choose to drink.

As it turns out, Democrats prefer clear liquors and Republicans prefer the brown kind. Just take a look at Dube’s chart. Republicans guzzle Jim Beam and Wild Turkey while Democrats drown their sorrows with Absolut and Grey Goose. 

Drink choice says a lot about political participation, too. Those with higher turnout reach for the wine (Democrats like the "two-buck Chuck" and Republicans like Kendall-Jackson) while low turnout voters down Jagermeister. I’m willing to bet it’s an age thing.

But, unlike Washington lately, there is common ground to be found between the two parties. Apparently, both the left and right are fond of rum. Dube’s research found Bacardi and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum popular among both Democrats and Republicans. Cheers for bipartisanship. 

Democrats and Republicans like to get drunk different ways. So what? This just means one thing: we're all drunks. Just don't drink and drive or drink and govern. Actually, you probably shouldn't drink and vote, either. Though that would explain some of the most recent elections.