This One Graphic Shows All the People Who Have Died From Marijuana Overdoses


Okay, so if you're one of the millions of people who were fooled by the Daily Currant's article claiming that 37 people had overdosed on pot since Colorado legalized the drug, you've probably earnestly clicked on this article expecting a image of strung-out hipsters lying in hospital beds salivating at the mouths all over their mismatched flannels. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you really hate pot/hipsters/flannel), what you've come across instead is a blank image because no one has died from a pot overdose. In fact, it's basically impossible to overdose on marijuana in the same way you could overdose on other drugs, like heroin, cocaine, sleeping pills, or even alcohol. I mean, technically you could overdose on virtually anything, like I don't know ... apples. Sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away but 20,000 apples could kill you! 

Anyways, the fact that millions of people believed that dozens of people are overdosing in Colorado reminds me just how ill-informed we are about the effects of pot.  

Although national views on marijuana have taken a serious shift since the 1980s (when President Reagan compared the effects of one joint to "a hydrogen bomb blast"), over the past few years the acknowledgement that the demonization of marijuana did not help alleviate the prevalence of other more harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin has led both Democrats and Republicans to loosen their own views on prosecuting marijuana. So, maybe sometime in the not too distant future, as more states fall in line with Colorado we will stop thinking about marijuana as a drug and start thinking about it like ... broccoli. 

Okay, probably not. But hopefully we'll stop thinking about it like cocaine or heroin.