Ohio Terrorists Were Recruited And Supplied With Bombs By FBI


"Occupy" protesters have regularly been far more aggressive and, in many cases, violent than other political movements, but the arrest of five men in the Cleveland, Ohio, area on April 30th exhibited a sharp escalation in the violence: they have been accused of plotting to blow up a bridge. However, why does evidence point to the FBI recruiting and supplying these home-grown terrorists?

According to The New American, the FBI used a tax-funded convict as an informant to infiltrate a group of restless, leftist rebels, and to allegedly help plan for attacks on "1%" targets; other options were large banks or banking billboards in the Cleveland area. The group finally settled on the bridge, supposedly, because it "would cost the ... corporate big wigs a lot of money," according to an alleged statement by one of the accused, 20 year-old Brandon Baxter.

"Occupiers" have resorted to violence many times before, with reports highlighting sharply-increased crime rates around encampments, street vendors being assaulted with human excrement, and even rapes and apparent murders within the "Occupy" camps themselves. But generally, the anti-capitalist movement's actions have been largely aimless and disorganized, leading many to wonder what the marginally-cohesive group even wants, so this recent development of a terrorist bomb plot is a sharp divergence from a typically chaotic and less-than-effective tactic of disruption and harassment.

Yet, this would not be the first time that the federal government's agencies are implicated in recruiting terrorists. According to the story on Salon, at least four prominent "terrorist" plots over the past few years were nothing more than the FBI training, supplying, and motivating an impressionable, fundamentalist Muslim into making an attack, only to arrest him at the last minute, in order to both improve the appearance of the Bureau and to justify even more invasive searches, interstate control, and even child molestation.

The "Occupy" knuckleheads that planned this attack deserve prison time, but so do the moronic "public servants" that instigated the plot, helped plan the target, and provided fake explosives to frame the young dupes. When are we as Americans going to get fed up with this continual federal involvement in our lives, and when are we finally going to say "enough!" to the destruction of our liberties at the hands of tyrannical despots who will use any means necessary to destroy our liberty?