10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014


Is anyone looking for a job or thinking about starting a new career in 2014? Well, then you’ll want to pay attention. CareerCast has released its rankings for the most and least stressful jobs out there, and picking the right one could end up saving you oodles of frustration and anxiety. 

The rankings are compiled using a variety of factors, including environmental conditions, physical demands, industry growth potential, amount of travel, and probably the most stressful category, whether or not the job puts your life at risk.

It’s no surprise that enlisted military personnel tops the most stressful list, and firefighter comes in third. Those are some high-stakes careers. You have to really be committed to start a career in those fields. What’s the least stressful job this year? That would be audiologist, which also pays pretty well with a $69,720 median salary. University tenured professor also makes the top 10 least stressful list – well, duh. It’s a nice gig, if you can get it. 

So which is the right path for you? Are you looking for an exciting job that’ll come with enormous stress, or do you just want to chill and do your thing and not have to worry about, you know, dying?

It really comes down to your priorities. Do you want a job that’ll never be boring, or do you want a job that lets you relax? At the end of the day, most people – millennials in particular, I think – just want a job they can be proud of, and that’s up to the person doing the job. Whatever you’re into, check out the full top 10 lists below, and get to work.

Most Stressful Jobs:

1.  Enlisted Military Personnel

2. Military General

3. Firefighter

4. Airline Pilot

5. Event Coordinator

6. Public Relations Executive

7. Corporate Executive (senior)

8.  Newspaper Reporter 

9. Police Officer

10. Taxi Driver

Least Stressful Jobs:

1. Audiologist

2. Hair Stylist

3. Jeweler

4. University Professor (tenured)

5. Seamstress / Tailor

6. Dietitian

7. Medical Records Technician

8. Librarian

9. Multimedia Artist

10. Drill-Press Operator