Michele Bachmann Endorses Romney for President: Will the Female Vote Follow?


First things first. Liberal media commenters like Chris Matthews are currently engaged in comparing President Obama to Henry V ("Once more into the breach!"), and therefore may not even take time out for a few insulting comments about former presidential candidate, and Minnesota congresswoman, Michele Bachmann's endorsement of Mitt Romney's bid for the White House. 

Matthews has had difficulty with Bachmann since she arrived on the political scene, calling her a "balloon head," and attacking her on-air during the 2010 midterm elections. Chris Matthews and those who think similarly to him can't imagine that women might support or admire Michele Bachmann — they believe that all women must genetically be predisposed to support President Obama. Matthews and like-minded individuals are wrong: women did and do support Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann is a powerful voice for, and influence in, the Tea Party.

Bachmann did announce previously that Romney could not beat President Obama. Bachmann has also uttered the frequently-heard mantra: anybody but Obama. The meaning of this is clear: Michele Bachmann is a politician.

Bachmann's behind-the-scenes efforts with her constituents and supporters are probably more influential than any public pronouncements at this point. Bachmann's endorsement means formally that those who are of like-mind to her are going to coalesce behind Mitt Romney's candidacy. She would not have made this late announcement if she did not believe it was important to formally organize and support Romney's candidacy, and advocate for the basics of the Tea Party platform.

I'm neither a Tea Party member, nor a huge Michelle Bachmann fan, but I will give her the respect she has earned. Bachmann is only the third female elected to Congress from Minnesota, and the first Republican female elected from that state. Her opponents can't call her stupid with much credibility; they've been forced to rely on Photoshop and calling her crazy. She is a powerful, valuable ally, and will help the Romney campaign. 

As to women and their votes? I think it's a little crazier to think that all women will vote for the person who wants to take other people's money and spend a small amount of it to give them free birth control pills; rather than for the candidate whom they believe can best help the country recover from its economic and government debt crisis. Most people do not care what Mitt Romney did or does with his own money, but they do care what Obama has done and plans to do with theirs. It is now Romney's job to show people he is capable of taking the leadership of the United States, and now he can count on Michele Bachmann's support. Like her or not, that's no small thing.