Kate Upton 'Cat Daddy' Video and Ashton Kutcher Dating Commercial Should Never Have Been Censored (+Video)


Three recent social media memes have more than a few people up in arms crying the all-too- familiar blues of racism, sexism, and so on. Just as soon as some creative types decided to prompt good old laughs with burlesque-inspired viral entertainment, it was censored by the social media gods.

Behold, this week’s top 3 WTF social media memes:  

1. Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy”:

Too sexy for YouTube? That’s what the Google-owned company thought (at least initially) of American fashion photographer Terry Richardson’s “Cat Daddy” video starring Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have seen sexier things on YouTube than a clip of a bikini-clad blond with average dancing skills. Fortunately, the video-sharing site changed its mind and restored Upton’s video (apology included).

2. Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips “Brown Face” Backlash:

The Two and a Half Men star is facing backlash after a Popchips commercial (pulled, then restored) in which he plays bachelors of different backgrounds, including a fictional Bollywood producer by the name of “Raj” who speaks with what it sounds like a thick Indian accent. In my opinion, the commercial is plain funny and entertaining. Besides, where is the uproar when commercials like this one and this one air in high-rotation?    

3. DHS May Day Protests Twitter Debacle:

While I don’t personally agree or support May Day protesters, I think all Americans have the right to express their own opinion as granted by the First Amendment. That’s why I didn’t understand when the Twitter account of Nate Snyder, a special adviser to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, was removed from public view and its bio (“an Obama Administration official at DHS”) was removed after he tweeted “Happy May Day! #solidarity” during the notorious anti-capitalist protests.