Golden Globes vs. the Oscars


The Golden Globes and the Oscars are often referenced in the same breath. Why's that? Well for one, they're both huge awards shows with red carpets that happen very early on in the year. Secondly, for those who might not be paying uber-attention an awards show is an awards show, right? Sort of. 

There really is a big difference between the Oscars and the Golden Globes so let's break it down in three easy steps. 

1. The Oscars only honor film while the Globes honor both film and television. 

2. The Globes are voted on by a much smaller pool. Where the Oscars are voted on by nearly 6,000 members of the Academy the Globes are voted on by a mere 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. 

3. The Golden Globes are much more of a party than the Oscars. Celebs are seated at dinner tables, they're served food and booze and there's a generally more laid back vibe. The Oscars are all business. 

Hopefully that clears a few things up.