15 Behind-the-Scenes Celeb Instagrams That Perfectly Sum Up the Golden Globes

Other than Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie having to improvise after a teleprompter gaffe, the 2014 Golden Globes was a classy and well-orchestrated award show. But a look at the personal Instagram accounts of the stars tells a different, and, frankly, better story. 

All jokes and posed smiles aside, check out some of the candid Instagram moments from the show. 

1. Aaron Paul gets classy.

Via: glassofwhiskey

If they'd had classy filters like black and white back in 1944, I'm sure they would've used them ... wait a minute.

2. Ryan Seacrest takes the selfie all of America wants.

Via: ryanseacrest

"Are you my dad?"

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus primps for the "film" section.

Via: officialjld

Her stylist's focus is pretty unparalleled.

4. Sophia Vergara has her cake and eats it, too.

Via: sofiavergara

And it looks pretty delicious.

5. P. Diddy's glaring selfie.

Via: iamdiddy

Before he tried to hug Bono ...

6. Jesse Tyler gets to the 'Modern Family' table early.

Via: jessetyler

"I'm starting alone & I don't care!" This is clearly the fun table.

7. Laura Prepon's bizarre filter choice.

Via: lauraprepon

Still, this might win the award for hottest couple.

8. Jared Leto's badass beard.

Via: jaredleto

And the award for best male ponytail goes to ... 

9. Zooey Deschanel's daisy manicure.

Via: zooeydeschanel


10. Sofia Vergara prepares for a long night.

Via: therealsarahhyland

The real "Golden Globes." How many limes can fit around the rim of that glass?

11. Usher takes a selfie with Michael Douglas.

Via: howuseeit

Future Dancing with the Stars duo? 

12. Zosia Mamet encounters Lena Dunham.

Via: zosia_mamet

Like, OMG you look totally amaze #icant

13. Heidi Klum's poses with her make-up army.

Via: heidiklum

40 going on 20. 

14. Lupita Nyong'o reposts a James Franco selfie.

Via: lupitanyongo

Beacause everybody loves Franco (as long as he isn't hosting).

15. Katie Lowes' 'Scandal' selfie.

Via: ktqlowes

Because even at the Golden Globes, this team knows how to do publicity best.