Top 10 Most Amazing Ron Paul Campus Stump Speeches


While the mainstream media may view the 2012 election as a two-man race between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is quietly changing that narrative. Although the GOP establishment is desperately trying to prevent Paul from winning delegates and even threatening to ban them from the August convention, his campaign will be a serious threat to Romney.

Paul's campaign is built on passionate grassroots support, especially among young people. He has been delivering stump speeches to campuses all around the country preaching his philosophy of peace, individual liberty, free markets, and constitutional government.

Despite virtually no press coverage, Paul attracts thousands of supporters and frustrated Republicans and Democrats wherever he goes, preaching the same message whether in Texas or Berkeley. With no notes and no teleprompter, Paul's stump speeches give prophetic warnings rather than soundbites and partisan demagoguery, articulating why a free society is the best path towards peace and prosperity.

Here are my top 10 of Paul's campus stump speeches.

1) 8,500 people at UCLA:

2) 8,000 at UC Berkeley (I was there!)

3) 6,000 at the University of Texas at Austin:

4) In the pouring rain, over 4,000 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia:

5) 5,200 at the University of Wisconsin (in 40 degree temperature):

6) 4,000 people at Michigan State University:

7) 6,200 at Chico State University:

8) 4,500 at Cornell University:

9) 3,000 at Texas A&M University

10) 2,000 at the University of Rhode Island: