Watch Jacqueline Bisset Give Hands-Down the Most Awkward Speech At the Golden Globes


It did not take long for the 2014 Golden Globes to find its most memorable acceptance speech. Ladies and gentlemen, let's take a moment and marvel at the wonder that is Jacqueline Bisset.

No one expected Bisset to win Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Miniseries or Movie. Obviously neither did Jacqueline Bisset. Her win for Dancing on the Edge must have been a shock — which explains what happens next:  

Choice moments (not in the video) include: When it takes her 13 seconds to stand up after her name is called. When it takes her another five seconds to begin moving towards the stage. When it then takes her 54 seconds to get from her chair to the stage (and she makes a pit stop to say hey to Jon Voight). And that's really only the start of her journey. 

Once Bisset makes it to the stage, she does incredible things like pause ... a lot. And bark out, "Scottish background to the front!" The music tries to play her off but no one can beat her strength, so she soldiers on. She soldiers on long enough to confuse the censors, have them bleep out the wrong word, and then, loud and clear over the NBC airwaves, says "shit."

All in all, it was really something memorable. 

Her name was trending almost immediately after the speech, with choice tweets like: 

In her younger days, Bisset was a serious beauty and big-name actress who starred in films like The Deep and Murder on the Orient Express. Tonight, she made a name for herself amongst our generation. Unfortunately for her, it's as an award show's rambler.