Kristen Bell Wants Her Daughter to See Her Sex Scenes – For the Most Feminist Reason Ever

It's not enough that Kristen Bell is the flawless voice of the the coolest new feminist princess in Frozen; she's also a feminist warrior in real life. In a recent appearance on The Chelsea Handler Show, she snuck in some powerful knowledge about the importance of raising girls to not be ashamed of their sexuality. Being born in a world that punishes female politicians for uttering the word "vagina" and unnecessarily censors our genitalia, Kirsten Bell has every intention of disrupting these patriarchal notions for her daughter. Listen to her wow the crowd with a simple answer to a tough question:

"She has ... newsflash ... a vagina. She's going to figure it out one day and more power to her."

This needs to be said over and over again until women and girls can grow up in a world where having and using your vagina is not something that makes you dirty; it's something that makes you human.

Instead of condemning female sexuality, let's celebrate it.

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Via: Bustle