Stunning Images Show What New York City Could Look Like in the Near Future


If you live in New York City, or have even visited recently, you know there's always construction going on, seemingly everywhere. What are they building? Everything is always being "renovated" or "remodeled."

There are indeed a lot of construction projects going on in NYC right now, and some of them are major overhauls. In a few years, NYC is going to look quite different. How different? Let's see.

Check out what the skyline is supposed to look like in 2020, courtesy of Business Insider:

Getting more specific, the Huffington Post has broken down some of the individual projects going on in NYC. Here's how some of NYC's most notable locations are going to look in the coming decades.

This is a rendering of a future Penn Station. Please excuse me if I'm just a tad skeptical, because this is really quite beautiful, while the current Penn Station looks like exactly what it is: the bowels of Midtown, serving to spew commuters to New Jersey, Long Island and the rest of the country. But look at this: sunlight! You can actually see the sky from inside the station.

How about the East River? Right now, it's a vile current of toxins. But there's a plan to put a giant, inflatable swimming pool right between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Seriously:

Are you a fan of the High Line? Well someone wants to make the Low Line: an underground park in an abandoned trolley terminal. It looks pretty wild:

And I'm sure you're already aware of the tragedy that is the 5 Pointz demolition. It's going to go from this:

to this:

And here's the plan for the Lower East Side:

Of course, these are all just plans right now. But the way things are headed, NYC could look very different very soon. Are you ready?