#Julia Obama Campaign War on Women: The Next Joe the Plumber?


Yesterday, the Obama campaign put out an amusing little infograph following the life of “Julia,” an empowered women who is taken care of by the government from the time she’s ready to go to preschool until she retires to tend her local community garden. 

Unfortunately, the Obama administration overlooked a few things when putting together their slideshow, and my friend Josh Fields and I felt the need to correct them. 

For example, Head Start costs three times as much and delivers no improvement upon private day care and pre schools. The cost of college has been artificially inflated by massive injections of government money since World War II. Health care costs have spiraled out of control because patients do not control spending decisions. Social security and Medicare are structurally unsustainable, and will likely be bankrupt before any millennial can collect benefits. 

We hope that our slideshow helped you see Obama’s policies for what they are!

See our slideshow here: http://www.thelifeofjulia.com/