Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, Despite RNC Manipulation and Foul Play for Mitt Romney


On the left is a photo of Tim Morgan. Tim Morgan is an attorney from California and served as a Republican national committeeman for 12 years. Tim has come to the Nevada Republican Convention to, in his own words to a Nevada delegate, "make sure you don't do anything to jeopardize your national delegates."

But why would a private attorney from California care about whether or not Nevada "jeopardized" their delegates?

As he visited influential players at the convention, Tim Morgan explained exactly that to a committee chairman: "Leslie from the RNC called two weeks back and asked if I could come make sure that nothing happened this weekend that would cause you to jeopardize your delegates."

It sounds like Tim Morgan came as a favor for a friend. And who exactly is that friend? A concerned Nevada Republican? The chairman of the Nevada party? A Nevada delegate to the state convention?

He explains further, "I'm here at the request of the national counsel."

You know the Republican National Convention Chief Counsel – the same guy who sent the threatening letter to Nevada Republicans two days ago. The letter's response was not what the RNC's chief counsel John R. Phillippe, Jr., had hoped for – people laughed at him.  

And then it got leaked to the media and still more people laughed at him. Yes, most of the people in Nevada paying attention laughed at the poor DC attorney. Then they got angry – how dare the RNC think they could send a letter like that to Nevada expecting the recipients to obediently kowtow. 

Indignation. That letter from John R. Phillippe, Jr., if anything, will put the last nail in the coffin. Because really, how dare he, a disconnected beltway insider, try to manipulate the results out of Nevada as it chooses the best nominee for the state of Nevada?

Well, instead of getting the message, and backing down, John R. Phillippe, Jr., took it a step further. He sent a goon. At least one. Probably more. To breathe down the necks of the Nevada delegates. It's a goon who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut in public places or else just feels the need to brag about his reason for coming – to whip the Nevada Republicans into line. 

Nevada Republicans, as you read this are being courted with a handshake from Tim Morgan who isn't saying to them, "You brainless peon don't you dare vote to unbind those delegates because then we'll have a mess on our hands as other states do the exact same thing." 

No. He says it a different way. Same message, said differently. He says it so sweetly that you might even miss what he's really saying. He says, "I'm here to make sure you don't do anything to jeopardize your national delegates."

In 2008, Ron Paul supporters in Nevada were aggressively rebuffed. The outcome was that they fought harder to take over the state GOP so that no one would ever treat them that way again simply for wanting a voice in the political process. They've been very successful in doing that. 

Now that Ron Paul supporters have taken over the Nevada GOP, the same strong arm techniques are taking place, now preventing them from having a voice at the national level of the party. And the John R. Phillippe, Jrs., of the world and his goon squad members like Tim Morgan don't seem to get what's happening. 

Ron Paul supporters spent the last five years trying to save their country. Tim Morgan is willing to spend a weekend trying to stop them: "I'm here all day tomorrow to make sure everything goes smoothly, but don't let it go an extra day because I'm out of here on Sunday."

Tim Morgan, John R. Phillippe Jr., something tells me you don't have the resolve to manage the path you are walking down. The Ron Paul supporters are thinking about the long game and you only have until Sunday. 

No one can stop an idea whose time has come. But the blow back from a guy like Tim Morgan creeping around might make that idea come more quickly. Welcome, Tim Morgan.  Welcome to the Nevada Republican Convention, where you feel comfortable enough to walk around talking openly about your attempts to manipulate Saturday's vote. Clearly, you don't realize how wrong it is to do what you're doing. Welcome, Tim Morgan. May every Nevada Republican know that the RNC sent you as a goon to manipulate elections before the "peons" in Nevada screw it all up. 

Actions speak so much louder than words and the actions of John R. Phillippe, Jr., Tim Morgan, and the RNC can mean only that they see Nevada Republicans as peons who are not to be trusted.