Brass Monkey Margaritas and Other Quirky Ways of Celebrating 'Supermoon Cinco de Mayo'


What a best way of celebrating the weirdness of a 'Supermoon Cinco de Mayo' day than by putting together an impromptu Michael Jackson Thriller-inspired fiesta (Spanish subtitles included) in which to surprise your guests with treats and memes that would make them laugh the chips and salsa out of their Mexican lucha libre masks.

Happy Supermoon Cinco de Mayo! 

• Drink 'Brass Monkey' margaritas:

It so happens that this year’s 'Supermoon Cinco de Mayo' festivity coincides with a sad event: the passing of Beastie Boys’ MCA. And just as New York Mets' Scott Hairston and Justin Turner decided to play homage to the rap legend by substituting the team’s walk up music with an all-Beastie Boys lineup, we will substitute this years' traditional Mexican margaritas with the popular Brass Monkey (a.k.a. poor’s man mimosa).

Play Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ (with Spanish subtitles):

In order to properly combine the lunar event with the Mexican celebration, this Cinco de Mayo Supermoon edition play this version of Michael Jackson performing his classic hit Thriller, with Spanish subtitles. That way you can learn (or practice) some Spanish in time to go to the rooftop and wear your werewolf mask while finishing those delicious fajitas and witnessing the arrive of the Superluna.

• Engage in a match of Mexican Lucha Libre under the nickname “El Lobo:”  

Nothing like a Mexican lucha libre match to entertain your guests during that anticipated Cinco de Mayo party. And since this year the fiesta coincides with a 'loca' Supermoon apparition, don’t restrain yourself from the quirkiness of this tradition, and come up with moon-inspired themes and fighters' names, such as Mexican versions of the characters from the 'Twighlight' saga (a.k.a. "Crepusculo") or the HBO show 'True Blood.'