Eli Manning on SNL, Justin Bieber and 50 Cent's Bromance, and Supermoon Cinco de Mayo Hangover Cures


So what does it feel like waking up to the Greek and French elections after last night’s big Supermoon Cinco de Mayo fiesta? Can’t even thinko because of how much you drinko? Don’t worry, here are some traditionally Mexican concoctions to fix “la cruda” while watching Eli Manning & Rihanna on SNL, among other Sunday pop culture snippets. 

 • Supermoon Cinco de Mayo Hangover Cures:

“Aguachile” (not to be confused with ceviche) consisting of raw shrimp or scallops with onions, cucumber, chillies and plenty of lime juice. Also, try “Huevos con Nopales” (loosely traduced into eggs and cactus) pretty effective at killing "la cruda" as it mixes sour and spicy. If those don’t work, don’t be afraid to step into a Michelada (the Mexican version of the bloody mary).

• Eli Manning and Rihanna on SNL:

For those who weren’t chasing Mexican werewolfves during Supermoon Cinco de Mayo night, Super Bowl-winning New York Giants QB Eli Manning hosted Saturday Night Live last night with musical guest Rihanna. Who needs Tim Tebow and Kate Upton indeed?

• Justin Bieber and 50 Cent Bromance:

Former foes 50 Cent and Justin Bieber joined forces last night as part of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr’s entourage as they accompanied Lil Wayne and wrestler HHH in an epic entrance to the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas where Mayweather Jr. successfully defended his welterweight title against Miguel Cotto.