Ron Paul Wins Nevada At-Large Delegates, Sweeps 22 out of 25

After a strenuous count that lasted all night, the Nevada Republican Party's Election Committee Chairwoman Jennifer Terhune has announced that Ron Paul swept all at-large delegate positions to the Republican National Convention and won 22 of 25 delegates up for grabs today from the state of Nevada – sweeping three of four congressional districts and winning all offices in which they supported a candidate.

At-Large Delegates

Kurt Criss – 790 votes

Wiselet Rouzard – 102 votes

Douglas Davila-Pestana – 102 votes

Lilian Babcock – 102 votes

Congressional District #3

Carl Bunce – 196 votes

As is required under Nevada state law and Republican State Convention 10 c, ties were broken by candidates drawing cards - aces low.