Watch: A Woman Reviews Her Entire Life in 3 Beautiful Minutes


There's a montage early in Up that everyone our age knows well. In it, Pixar flexes its animation muscles to show the entire course of two beautifully intertwined lives in a few short minutes.

It turns out you can do that with real people, too.

My Favorite Picture of You is a short documentary film by Oscar-winning directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin. The film centers on a recorded conversation between Martin's grandfather and his grandmother who is dying of cancer. The film maker's grandfather tenderly walks her through moments of their life together — she is clearly memory-impaired — as a beautifully edited montage of photographs and videos of her whole life fill the screen.

Her voice cracks as she attempts to remember, but he stays cheerful and loving. Though intimate and personal, the story Lindsay and Martin end up telling is not just about the course of one rather radiant life, but feels like it could be our own grandparent's, our parent's or even our own.

It's a story about what it means to live, to love, and to move on. And it's completely uplifting.