Rich Women Want to Raise the Minimum Wage — Rich Men Could Not Care Less

Raising the minimum wage has been a long, uphill battle for women leading the charge.

recently-released survey by Payscale shows the battle is still raging as more women are in favor of hiking the minimum wage compared to their male counterparts.

The highest and lowest women earners tend to show the most support, a trend that does not hold for men.

According to the survey, men who make less than $25,000 are most in favor of raising the minimum wage, but this opinion changes drastically as their income increases.

The federal minimum wage is  $7.25 an hour, although there is a push for legislation to raise hourly wages. Below is Payscale's infographic showing how gender and income affect minimum wage opinions.

So why are women more in favor of raising hourly wage? Low minimum wage affects women the most — especially women of color — since they are more likely to hold low-wage jobs than men. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women continue to make less than men, earning 77 cents to every dollar men earned in 2012.

Furthermore, a 25-year-old woman entering the job market makes about $5,000 less than a 25-year-old man.

Income inequality hurts women the most. But at least we don't forget it even after raking in a bigger paycheck.