5 Winning Tips to Help You Succeed During Finals


It’s spring time — the flowers are blooming, the sun is out (yes, even in Hanover, New Hampshire), and many students prepare to head home after a long year of college with one thing standing in their way: final exams. 

Whether you have attended class or not; whether you have done the reading for your class or not; whether you have spent your Friday nights in the library or in the fraternity basement, it all comes down to this. A significant portion of your grade comes down this one test of your comprehension of the material of the course. While the gravity of this situation may stress many college students out (as it should), here are 5 tips to help you make it through to the summer:

1) Study with a friend: Often times studying for a big exam can be burdensome, but if you have a friend there to keep you company, often times it can help you focus more and help to alleviate some of the stress.

2) Study with music: A 2007 Stanford study showed that music helps the brain pay attention. Not only can listening to music help you study, but it can also be very relaxing!

3) Take study breaks: While studying for 12 hours straight may have its benefits, often times even taking a 10 minute walk to clear your head will make you more productive. To some this may seem obvious, but others often forget to take even a little break in between the long hours in the library.

4) Talk to your professor: No matter where you go to school, if you need help, talk to your professor. While some may refuse to help for whatever reason, most professors will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you have leading up to the exam. After all, who can be more helpful than the person teaching the class and giving the exam?

5) Don’t cheat: Statistics show that around 73% of test-takers have cheated before. I know this may sound trivial and you have heard it before, but it needs to be said with the rise of cheating these days. If you put in the time studying and working hard, you will do well on this exam. But, even if you find yourself struggling on the exam, it is not worth the consequences you will face to try to cheat your way to a few more points.