Who is Rand Paul? What You Need to Know About His SOTU Rebuttal

The junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul won office in 2010 and has since been a prominent member of the further right ranks of the GOP. An outspoken member of the Tea Party, he supports term limits, a balanced budget amendment and widespread reduction in federal spending and taxation. In 2013, Paul gave the Tea Party's official State of the Union rebuttal, but this year he'll be delivering his own non-sponsored, non-affliated speech. 

Paul's rebuttal has actually already been recorded (which means it will likely be more of a general critique of Obama) and will be posted to YouTube shortly after the State of the Union ends. Paul will then be appearing for interviews on CNN and FOX News, followed by the Sunday political shows this weekend, all in an effort to build his national brand as he likely gears up for a 2014 presidential run.