Why Was 'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Roberston at the State of the Union? Here's the Backstory.

Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) is bringing Duck Dynasty reality TV star Willie Robertson as his guest to the State of the Union tonight, in a move that's sent Republicans eager to shore up their standings with their base scrambling to get photo ops with the duck-call magnate.

McAllister took his congressional seat following a 2013 special election campaign for Congress after Rep. Rodney Alexander resigned in August to work with Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration. Robertson was occasionally mentioned as a potential candidate. But because he makes duck calls for a living and probably wasn't all that interested in moving into politics, Robertson instead endorsed McAllister as his "good buddy" in a TV ad. (McAllister also scored an endorsement from Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who's best known outside viewers of the show as being at the center of a controversy surrounding allegedly homophobic remarks.)

And as MSNBC has pointed out, boy has the GOP been eager to get some photos. Robertson is clearly the coolest guy in Congress right now, as well as the only one with a beard. Take a gander below:

Hopefully, Robertson won't make any duck calls during the State of the Union.