4 Charts That Show The Most Popular Career Fields for 27-Year-Olds


In 2002, the U.S. Department of Education began tracking 15,000 high school sophomores with intentions to follow them for the next decade.

The massive research recently published shows what these now 27-year-olds are doing. Where are they working? Mostly in education, office support, health care, management, finance and the food service industry.

The below charts are based on the 10-year research for high school dropouts, those who went to some college, associate-degree holders and college graduates.

Those who drop out of high school are far more likely to work in the food service industry than any other occupation (19.7%).

Those who attended some college are far more likely to work in office support (16.9%) than any other occupation.

Associate degree holders are mostly in office support (18.3%) or work in health care (13.3%).

College graduates are either in education, office support, management or business and finance.